February 24-27, 2022

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Robert Batrez is a current Master of Business Administration student at Grand Canyon University. He graduated from GCU in 2018 with his Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies. He has a passion for theology and doctrine. He is a Christian Hip Hop Artist and uses his music as an opportunity to share the gospel with others.

Conference Host

A Servant Leader in Christ by way of Ministry, Media, Music, Marriage and Fatherhood. Michael's greatest desire is to point others to Christ through sound Biblical teaching, engaging conversation, and through various sources of media-related platforms. Michael currently leads House of David Ministries, is the CEO of Cre8tivStudios, and Director of Media for JudahNation Radio. He is the husband to Kimberly and father to five wonderful children

Wednesday Pre-Conference
"How Context KILLS False Doctrine"

Friday February 25, 2022
5:30pm to 9:00pm

Rev. Anthony Rogers received an AA degree in Christian Thought from Christ College in Lynchburg, Virginia and graduated with a divinity degree from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is an ordained pastor in the PCA and serves as the regional director for Metanoia Prison Ministries (SC). He has published articles in numerous theological journals and a co-author of the book Our God is Triune.

“The Reformation was RIGHT...and
Rome & Orthodoxy are STILL WRONG!”

Born in Yuma and raised in Sonora, Mexico, Alberto is a student at Grand Canyon University, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Christian and Biblical Studies. He is an active evangelist who seeks to proclaim the gospel in any environment.

“How to Be a REAL Life Street Apologist”

Vocab Malone holds a Master’s from Phoenix Seminary. His ministry focus is urban contextualized apologetics. He hosts a regular livestream show, Street Apologist Live. Vocab has participated in many public debates and dialogues with Muslims, atheists, Kemetics, and "Hebrew Israelites”. He’s the author of a book on Hebrew Israelism (Barack Obama vs The Black Hebrew Israelites) and a contributing author to Our God is Triune.

“Is Jesus a PAGAN Myth RIP-OFF?”

Justin Martyr was born and raised in Miami, FL. Justin is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary with a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. He serves as a Pastor at New Life Community Church in Bridgeport, Chicago. He has released six hip-hop albums. Justin lives in Chicago with his wife Aasha and their son Justin Francis II.

Musical Guest

Regenerit is a Christian rapper born and raised in Chicago, IL. His music has been featured on trackstarz.com, newh20.com, and holyculture.net. He has performed in multiple states at many different events. Regenerit seeks to continue to release music by God’s grace that will point the listener back to Jesus. Regenerit lives in Chicago with his wife of four years, his three year old son, and 7 month old daughter.

Musical Guest

Miss Tytus2 is an Urban Apologist who tackles difficult subjects like the Black Hebrew Israelites, Kemet., Freemasons, and especially Greek Life/College Fraternities. She runs popular YouTube and TikTok Channels under her name.

“College Fraternities & The Freemasons:

C.L. Mitchell is the Bishop of Veritas Bible Church. The ministry’s vision is to serve all peoples with inspiration, insight, and information by upholding and promoting intimacy with God and believers. Veritas invites believers to growth and stability as Spirit-filled disciples of Christ in accordance with biblical truth. Bishop Mitchell invites leaders to increased effectiveness as biblically and spiritually equipped servants of Christ.

“Is the Trinity a EUROPEAN Doctrine?”

Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies (Grand Canyon) and is pursuing an M. Div. with an emphasis in Bible and Theology (Phoenix Seminary). Eric regularly teaches theology and how to teach the Bible.

"Does Acts 2:38 = Baptismal Regeneration?"

Saturday February 26, 2022
10:00am to 4:00pm

An ex-Muslim from Saudi Arabia, Al is the researcher, editor, writer, and translator for numerous ministries, including “Answering Muslims”. He is the founder of The Center for Islamic Research and Awareness, dedicated to introducing Muslims to the Gospel.

“Absolute Proof the Qur’an is CORRUPT”

JAMES UMBER has taught students and adults at various churches and venues across Arizona since 2008. He earned his Master of Apologetics from Talbot at BIOLA. He's co-founder and speaker at Examined Life, an apologetics training ministry. He is also the chapter director for Ratio Christi, ASU Tempe, a student organization that encourages civil dialogue about the big worldview issues. James, his wife, and their daughter live in Phoenix, AZ.

"What About the So-Called “Lost Gospels?”

D.A. NEWMAN holds an Honors degree in Biological Science (which was the impetus to her discovery of Christian apologetics). Discovering apologetics deepened her faith in God and confidence in the Christian worldview. You can find her moderating for many urban apologetics online content creators and refuting the erroneous claims of “Hebrew Israelites” and Kemetics.

“What is the Conscious Community &
Why Is It Wrong About EVERYTHING?”

ERVIN grew up in what most would consider the typical black pentecostal church. He grew up singing, praising, and attending emotionally driven sermons. It wasnt until he met his wife, a sunni muslim when he began to approach christianity with skepticism and curiosity. It was then in 2009 he began his journey researching and anazlying the Quran, Hadith, the existence of God, and the rational basis of christianity.

“How Loving the Old Testament
Will Make You a BETTER Apologist”

Oscar Dunlap spent nearly a decade of his life as a devoted Hebrew Israelite. Now he instructs others on what Hebrew Israelites believe and how it's related to their deeply rooted identity crisis. He also hosts the 2 Witnesses Podcast with his fellow street evangelist Matt De Jesus, where they discuss ways to have a greater Biblical understanding of the Great Commission that will encourage the Body of Christ.

“Why I Left the Hebrew Israelites:

Dr. Edward Dalcour is the Founder and Director of the Department of Christian Defense, a Christian apologetic ministry based in Los Angeles, CA, He holds a Master's in Apologetics and a Ph.D. in Theology from North-West University. Dr. Dalcour is a theological contributor and has written numerous counter-cult apologetic tracts and pamphlets. He currently resides with his wife and family in Los Angeles, CA.

“The RAW Truth about the KJV”

Vada is a former atheist, gang member and secular rap artist. Christian Apologetics played a significant role in his accepting of Jesus Christ as Lord and it plays a major role in his current ministry. He hosts IsHeARealOne Radio, a Christian Apologetic radio program and runs IsHeARealOne.com which serves as a website for Christian Apologetics and theology.

“Debunking the Jehovah’s Witnesses…

A Messianic Jewish believer, Stan began serving with Jews for Jesus in 1985. He has a B.S. in Physics, an M.A. in Intercultural Studies (Fuller), and is a Phd candidate (Biola). His main area of study is contemporary American Judaism.

“Discipling the New Believer”

Marty’s objective is twofold: train other Christians - whether youth or adult - to share the gospel more confidently and effectively. Secondly, to equip them with the tools they need to persuasively defend Christianity and Christian values in the public arena. As a Chandler resident since 1962, Marty is enjoying his new role as a grandparent.

“Did Jesus Christ Even EXIST???”

Prior to moving to ATL, Carm led THE APOLOGETICS BOOT CAMP at Restoration Life Church in California. Carm touched on essential issues during the series: existence of God, textual criticism, resurrection of Christ, deity of Christ. Carm and her husband are both proud “part Puerto Rican, part Mexican-Americans”.

“How the New Age Movement
CREEPS into the Church”

Dr. David Wood is a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. A former atheist, David became a Christian after examining the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. He is a contributor to multiple apologetics books. He lives with his wife Marie and his five sons, Lucian, Blaise, Reid, Paley, and Kepler.

“Using The Imago Dei as an
Apologetic WEAPON”

Pastor Gabe founded The Reborn Church. He is a former Christian Hip Hop artist. Gabe has been committed to evangelism on multiple platforms since 1999. Pastor Gabe is a shepherd committed to discipleship, serving others, and preaching the Gospel.

Sunday Post-Conference
“The MANDATE of Keeping it in Context”

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